The GFFN Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.  We are a club for women who are social, cultural, civic-minded and philanthropic. 

Our mission is to provide scholarships to local women attending George Mason University or Northern Virginia Community College.

The Board

Christie Lavin 


Christie is deeply inspired by the backgrounds of our students and the obstacles that each of them had to overcome to achieve their academic goals.  She feels tremendously privileged and honored to be part of these women's' lives and academic pursuits.


Christie has many years of volunteer and non-profit experience, serving in school and church communities.  She is a former Board President for Visual Aid in San Francisco.  She has a Master's Degree from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and worked in the San Francisco art world before relocating to the East Coast.  Christie enjoys restoring and painting vintage furniture while staying home with her three children.

Candace Bovee



Candace has been involved with GFFN for over fifteen years.  Having graduated from the University of Notre Dame with the help of grants and scholarships, she understands how important financial assistance is to students, as she would not have achieved her own academic and career goals without it.  


Candace strongly supports the Board's mission to help deserving young women in northern Virginia further their education.  

Kathryn Rutkowski


A Great Falls native, Kathryn returned in 2015 and has recently joined GFFN.  An active volunteer throughout her life, she has taken on various volunteering opportunities within the community since moving back, including the annual Movies on the Green series and, more recently, the 4th of July Hometown Celebration.


Kathryn has a strong passion for public health, particularly infectious disease, and has spent several years working in vaccine research and development. She currently works for a non-profit biotech based in New York City, as well as her own statistical consulting company, which she founded a couple years ago.  Kathryn loves spending quality time with her husband and two young children, as well as summer nights attending shows at Wolf Trap.

Lissa Carter

Director of Scholarships


Having had the luxury of attending college and graduate school accruing little debt, Lissa knew the huge advantage she had when embarking on her career. 


"I have met some of the women that the Fund has supported and they are simply amazing.  Many juggling family life, school life, and holding a job to make ends meet.  These are driven, smart, directed women who not only want to make a difference in their own lives, but to all the lives around them. 


I am honored to be able to help raise the funds that allow them to continue forward in their life long plans."

Adrienne West

Director of Publicity


Adrienne is a new member of GFFN and the Board.  She brings a fresh perspective to the Board and is excited to help further its goals.  She has been active in the community since moving here from McLean in 2015.  She served on and co-chaired the annual Fireworks committee for a couple years, and now plans to switch gears and focus her energy on helping other women. 


Adrienne has prior experience working with nonprofits and charities, is an Air Force veteran, and holds Bachelor's degrees in Business and English.

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